Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hari ini akhirnya gw nulis entry pake bahasa Indo lagi. i think my english has turned out from bad to worse >__< aah... I wanna have an english course eh.. rahasia loh tapi gw ga pernah ngambil kursus english sekalipun... ^^;; hehe.. otodidak is the best way to learn something... when you love the subject it's easy for you to understand about it :)

Gw lagi nyari jurnal fisio tentang Stroke Adam Syndrome, tapi kok ga pernah nemu ya? apa keyword gw salah? kok aneh ya? ato Dr.Dodo yang salah ngasih tugas? masalahnya gw nemu banyak jurnal ttg Long-QT syndrome tapi ga nemu satupun ttg adam syndrome ya? hm... *bingung neh*

Kemaren gw denger berita kalo AZUMI return yang dateng rame.. hari ini blom ngecek lagi sih reportnya, seandainya merchandise azumi juga dijual di MISE... hoo ga jelas euy

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Today is holiday, not much to do except some assignments that lecturer gave and also practicum reports. Feel a bit boring, and I woke up really late today. Yesterday I almost didn’t sleep because I studied for Physiology mid test. That’s why I felt a bit tired now, btw I watched the football game at the big field, well we lost but at least it’s really fun cuz lot’s of funny things happened.

Hm.. for three days I’ve been hanging out with Alain. It’s funny because last year I didn’t even know that Alain is my cousin. I never talked to him, or at least said hi. But now, Alain is one of my besties at College. Well, yesterday I’m a bit upset to him, I wonder why human could be so ego, and selfish. Sometimes I’m selfish too, but yesterday was different matter. I dun want to talk abt it here.. but at the end I couldn’t mad at him, because I know he wasn’t guilty.. haha.. but at least he said sorry.

My daisuki na senpai will go for Student Exchange to Aussie. I dunno if I will sad or no, because he’ll be leaving for six months, haha felt a bit happy tho’ ^^;; because he will join the semester seven with us. Six months isn’t a long time.. ^__^ atashi matteru yo! Hmm.. I’ve been thinking to enroll for student exchange too, maybe Japan. But I dun want my study will be delay for a semester.. no.. I cant take the next semester with my jr. haha.. after all I didn’t have had a really good relationship with them.. >.<

Hope you have the greatest birthday of your life

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finally a new blog again, I told you how greedy I am. I wanna list all of my blogs but it's too many already hahah... but I love the layout of the blogspot. So greenish ^^ such a kawaii layout. Btw.. today was a tough day, I had a mid test for biochemistry subject. Pheew.. it's done already but it was really difficult. I guess my study last night didnt make any different.. Ima wa I'm so sleepy but i still have to attend the practicum. Hoh.. thank God it's over now.
Btw, I'm still in "One litre of tears" fever. This dorama is really superb! The first time ever in my life, a story of the dorama can affect me so much. Sometimes when I remember Aya, I feel ashamed to myself. Aya such a great person, and she still give courages to people although she has passed away 29 years ago. After got home, I will watch this dorama again. The episode three was really heart breaking, but very touching. Everyone go and watch this dorama... All of my close friends have watched it and they all crazy of it. Sawajiri Erika's act was very good ne. I never thought a teen idol like her will have such a good acting. She really has tallents ne :D
Oh after this will have to attend a campus event. I'm so tired... see you again ne! ^^